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Education Workshop | April 29, 2017

Understanding Chicago Public Schools and its sheer size and numerous requirements can be a difficult task for any parent.  In recent years, CPS has closed schools, added testing requirements, created a common application for selective enrollment schools, and even implemented new graduation requirements for 8th and 12th graders.  Often, our neighborhood schools are underfunded and understaffed which means students don't have access to rigorous classes, extracurricular activities, or individualized attention or support inside the classroom.  All of this, taken together, can be daunting to understand especially if you have students in elementary classrooms.  The weight of standardized tests, grades, attendance, and school performance can seem unimportant to a parent of a first or second grader, but is much more relevant to parents of middle schoolers.   The goals of this workshop are to: help parents understand how CPS is structured; how schools in our neighborhood are rated and what those ratings mean; how standardized tests impact students at all grade levels; and how the high school application process works.

This Saturday, April 29, 2017, HNA is hosting an Education Workshop for parents of elementary-age children throughout Chicago.  Our hosts - board members Jenna Sigman and Alejandra Fleck - want to support parents of elementary-age students as they go through the CPS system from kindergarten to 12th grade and beyond.  We will introduce parents to the Illinois School Report Card and how to understand the information contained in their child's school report card.  Many of the statistics can seem abstract or confusing so we will shed light on their importance and relevance and how to read the reports to best serve your child's needs.  We will also discuss the CPS standardized tests and how they impact a student throughout their elementary and secondary education process.  These test scores are especially important for any student applying to selective enrollment, charter, magnet, or other application-based schools in the city of Chicago.  These test scores may become even more important as CPS seeks to require all 8th grade students to fill out the CPS common application before they receive their diploma.

This workshop is free and will be in English and Spanish and will offer participants an opportunity to interact with others and discuss topics together.  We want to arm you with the tools necessary to take charge of your child's education to ensure he/she is getting the most out of his/her CPS experience.  No RSVP is necessary so we hope to see you this Saturday!

Hermosa tree planting BIG success!

We wanted to extend a big thank you to all those who came out to help us plant trees near Kelvyn Park on Saturday November 5th. We helped to settle an incredible 42 trees into their new homes....the Hermosa community!!!! Combined with our earlier tree planting in the spring, we have planted a total of 64 trees in Hermosa in 2016....WOW!

These trees included various red oaks, chinquapin oaks, catalpas, sweet gums, lindens, and bur oaks. These trees are going to make a HUGE difference to our community for years to come!!!!

Here are a few of the benefits they will provide:

  • Each tree will intercept about 159 gallons of stormwater runoff per year. This means an additional 10,494 gallons of water will be stored in Hermosa each year. This will reduce soil erosion, flooding, and help minimize the amount of pollutants washed into nearby aquatic ecosystems. 
  • Each tree will conserve 9 kilowatt hours of energy per year by providing shade to nearby buildings and reducing wind speeds in the area. This means a total of 576 kilowatt hour conserved in Hermosa per year!
  • Each tree will reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2, a greenhouse gas) by 42lbs a year. This means a total of 2,772 lbs of CO2 will be reduced by the trees we've helped plant!

Caring for and expanding the green spaces in Hermosa is crucial for both the health of the environment, and the health of our community as a whole.

Thank you again for your hard work, and we hope to see you at another planting and tree maintenance session soon.

Thank you to the 100+ participants who came out to help plant these trees. A big, big thank you to Openlands for accepting our grant, supplying the trees, Treekeepers, tools, and know-how.  Thank you to Michigan State UniversityKelvyn Park High School and Kelvyn Park Advisory Council for bringing so many volunteers! Thank you Alderman Milly Santiago - 31st Ward for water and for supplies and handy help from Phil the Ward Superintendent.

And a big BIG thank you to La Central Bakery (4348 W. Armitage Ave, 773- 252-7302) for their generous donation of delicious sandwiches and cookies. Awesome job everyone!

An additional shout out to Chicago Park District for providing tools and mulch, and to the City of Chicago for providing permits.  

Feel free to visit Openlands' Facebook ( to see additonal pictures and videos from this event.

If you would like to get more involved in Openlands, please check out more information, here: 

Hermosa Halloween: Big Success!

Hermosa Halloween was a big success! The weather was a balmy 72 degrees. Perfect weather for trick-or-treating and family friendly fun!

This event included face painting, moon bounce, arts and crafts, popcorn, entertainment, and a special cameo appearance by Pikachu. On Armitage and Kostner there were free flu shots for children and adults alike. We also held participatory budgeting (PB) voting for the 35th Ward at the event. Ballot items for PB in the 35th ward in Hermosa include: 

Vote ballot item #1

  • Resurface alleys: 2200 N. Keeler/ 2200 N. Tripp 

  • Replace concrete alley aprons: W. Bloomingdale at N. Tripp 

  • Replace curbs & gutters: the intersection of Cortland at Keystone, and along stretches of 2200 N. Keeler

Vote ballot item #4

  • New LED lighting on Karlov from Armitage to Fullerton 

  • New LED lighting on Tripp from Palmer to Belden

This event was sponsored by 35th Ward Alderman Carlos Rosa, the Hermosa Neighborhood Association, State Senator Omar Aquino, and En Las Tablas Performing Arts

36th Ward Participatory Budgeting Results Are In!

The following Hermosa participatory budgeting projects will get funded in the 36th Ward! Thank you to Jorge Felix for primarily leading HNA's efforts in the 36th ward. These infrastructure improvements will help aid in a hopeful reduction of accidents on Kostner Avenue as well as guiding heavy- and medium duty trucks from nearby industrial zones safely to arterial roads without impacting residential streets. Additionally, some $550,000 has been earmarked by voters to go to fixing streets throughout the ward, some of which will likely be located in Hermosa. 

This includes:

  • Roundabout at Kilbourn and Dickens
  • Flashing beacon stop signs along Kostner between Courtland and Fullerton
  • A cul-de-sac at Kilbourn and Kolmar

31st Ward Participatory Budgeting Results Are In!

31st Ward Participatory Budgeting (PB) cycle 2 is in the books. With 230 votes the following items won. Pigeon screening along viaducts on Kenton, and seed money for a dog park at Ken-Well Park were among the projects that won in Hermosa. There could also be road- and street light- projects located within the community, too.