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HNA Affordable Housing Statement for 4K Diversey Partners LLC

Recently there was a story regarding a zoning amendment for The Fields development located at 4000-4180 West Diversey Ave. 

You can read that story here :

HNA was mentioned in the story as it pertains to writing a letter to the Alderman. Here is that letter in its entirety here:

TIF Illumination recap

We had a really great conversation on TIFs and where the money is going in Hermosa earlier this month with The TIF Illumination Project.

There is over $10 million trapped in TIFs in Hermosa that could be going to improving our parks, schools and streets TODAY.

Over the past 30 years some $76 million has been spent on TIF related projects in or near Hermosa, including $26.5 million on the Brickyard Mall and over $6 million on building two Home Depots in, or near, Hermosa.

Educate yourself and then ask the question.... are your tax dollars being spent in an ideal way?

Below is the presentation deck and the podcast 



NEW HNA Lawn Signs!

Good news everyone! Our new and improved lawn signs came in. They're now twice as big as before (18X24) to make them more visible to passerbys. Every household gets one free lawn sign who attends a HNA meeting and stays until the end of the meeting. If you want an additional sign, or can't attend the full meeting, they cost $5 per sign. 

Meet All The Candidates for HNA Board of Directors

Board candidates

After two years of startup existence the Hermosa Neighborhood Association (HNA) is moving into a new phase of its life. The interim board is transitioning to a elected board voted upon and comprised of our most committed memebers. 

Those who live in the attendance boundary and who have attended 8 HNA events from November 2015 till the beginning of November are eligible to vote in the election, bylaw changes, and to the run for the HNA board. Those who are eligible to run and to vote in the election have received a notification in a separate, earlier, email .

Board elections will be held for 5 days (November 14-19th). In person voting and the ability to meet the candidates will occur the HNA meeting held on November 19th from 11:30-1:30pm at The Levee Hall, 4035 W Fullerton Ave. 

Five (5) of the ten (10) elected board members are up for election. Class A Board of Directors running include (click on the links to learn more): 

After the board election, Class A and Class B Directors will meet in January to elect Board Officers and re-appoint (up to 3) appointed board members who can live anywhere and need no prior commitments to join the board. These appointed members are designed to help bring skills, such as legal, zoning, and fundraising experience, to the board. 


    Meet the Candidates for Board of Directors: Jenna Sigman

    My name is Jenna Sigman and I am running for the office of board member with the Hermosa Neighborhood Association.  I am a public school teacher, working for six years in Chicago and two years in the suburbs.  I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in the Teaching of French and English Literature from the University of Illinois-Chicago.  I have a Master of Education in Curriculum Studies from DePaul University.  

    Meet the Candidates for Board of Directors: Ruperto Medina Jr.

    My name is Ruperto Medina Jr. I am a retired telecommunication sales and service manager. I have lived in Hermosa at 3048 N. Kostner Ave. for 32 years.  I graduated from Kelvyn Park High School where I was a student council Vice President for two years.  I then served in the U.S. Marine corps for four years. I am seeking the office of Board Director of the Hermosa Neighborhood Association.