Making our Hermosa hermosa

Our Mission

The Hermosa Neighborhood Association (HNA) is a resident advocacy group fighting for better city services, schools, parks, and safety in Hermosa, Chicago. We seek to aid and promote the general welfare of the community through dialogue, empowerment, and direct action.

Dialogue: Uniting people across race, ethnicity and religion to more effectively address the problems impacting Hermosa through social engagement and activities.

Empowerment: Developing leadership skills of community members so that they can address the root causes of the problems facing Hermosa and work towards structural change.

Direct Action: Use our united voice to take back our community through petitions, voting initiatives, community clean ups, town hall meetings, lobbying, fundraising, and community-directed development and planning.

service area

For the purposes of the HNA, Hermosa shall be defined as the area in the city of Chicago, Illinois that is bounded by Pulaski Road on the East, Belmont Avenue on the North, Cicero Avenue on the West and North Avenue on the South. This area comprises three defined communities: Hermosa Park, Kelvyn Park and Belmont Gardens. 

What We've Achieved

  • Hosted over 38 events since our founding in November, 2014.
    • Over 1000 attendees to our events.
  • Over 200 members of our organization; 40 of which are active members (meaning consistent attendance and participation).
  • Obtained a refugee Island on Fullerton & Keystone. Coming in the summer of 2016.
  • Organized the first annual Hermosa Fest, which had over 400 attendees. The festival(s) was held at both Hermosa Park and Kelvyn Park. It featured over 40 local performers and vendors from the Hermosa community.
  • Raised over $225,00 for Nixon Playground which was successfully installed June 2018.
  • Planted over 30 trees in the Hermosa community in collaboration with Openlands.
  • Encouraged community members to contact the Bureau of Forestry and asked for trees. Planting more trees in the fall of 2016.
  • Obtained a Divvy station for Healy Metra station. Coming in the summer of 2016.
  • Establishing a community garden for Kil-Parker.
  • Participated in Participatory Budgetting for three of the four wards located in Hermosa:
    • 31st Ward - Milly Santiago
    • 35th Ward - Carlos Rosa
    • 36th Ward - Gilbert Villegas
  • Established strong partnerships with local organizations, community groups, and politicians committed to our mission and the betterment of the Hermosa community.