31st Ward Participatory Budgeting Results Are In!

31st Ward Participatory Budgeting (PB) cycle 2 is in the books. With 230 votes the following items won. Pigeon screening along viaducts on Kenton, and seed money for a dog park at Ken-Well Park were among the projects that won in Hermosa. There could also be road- and street light- projects located within the community, too.  


  • $373,660 for Street and Alleys
  • $326,340 for Street Lights

Projects to be funded...

  1. Traffic Control Pedestrian Island on Diversey near Kosciuszko Park 
  2. Dog Parks at Kosciuszko and Ken-Well Parks (Starter money for the creation of Dog parks in both Kosciuszko and Ken-Well Parks)
  3. Sidewalks and Curbs at the 5300 block of West Wrightwood 
  4. Lights at the Schubert Elementary Playground
  5. Screening under Viaducts (Screens and nets under two viaducts at Diversey/Kenton & Belmont/Kenton) 

Projects not funded yet this year...

  • .Bike Lane on Fullerton Avenue (Improve biking infrastructure on Fullerton avenue between Central Park and Pulaski Avenue)
  • Traffic Circles near Cragin Park 
  • Water Fountains at Foreman College and Career Academy