Meet the Candidates for Board of Directors: Joëlle Mccalla

Joëlle Mccalla

Hello my name is Joëlle Mccalla. I've been a Board Director of HNA for the past two years. My husband and I moved to Hermosa area four years ago after an extensive search of different areas in Chicago. This is our first home and neighborhood was a very important factor in our search. We were invited to an HNA meeting and I was immediately impressed by how much members cared about Hermosa. During that meeting, we came up with some of the group’s objectives as well as a list of goals and improvements for Hermosa that we wanted to tackle as a group. From that first meeting, I was excited to be a part of HNA and the changes to come. I have enjoyed speaking to neighbors about HNA and the different events we have hosted. Having a degree in Political Science, I have been very happy to see that the Aldermen who share Hermosa are all responsive to the group and that they all know HNA is a great way to reach constituents. HNA gives a voice to our community and takes action to help meet the needs of our neighbors. I am proud to live in Hermosa, proud to be a member of HNA and I look forward to helping those inside and outside of our community learn more about our great neighborhood.