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11:30 AM11:30

HNA Workshop: Education

This is an educational workshop geared toward parents at CPS districtwide schools. 

The workshop is hosted by several CPS teachers and parents of HNA and will cover the following.

  1. School report cards
    1. Presentation and printouts
    2. All local schools, including charters
  2. School standings
    1. ACT average
    2. FOT percentages
      1. What is it composed of?
      2. Why does it matter
    1. Why is NWEA important and what does it matter
    2. What if you opt out?
      1. Are you relinquishing your rights to apply somewhere else?
    3. Sample tests
    4. How to study
  4. High school tests
    1. PARCC
    2. SAT
    3. ACT
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