Meet the Candidates for Board of Directors: Colin Bird

Colin Bird

Colin moved to the Hermosa neighborhood three years ago in search of his first home. Prior to that, Colin lived for several years in two separate communities in Chicago; Logan Square and Lincoln Square. Colin grew up in the Chicagoland area, in the suburb of Oak Park. 

After moving to Hermosa, Colin sought out a group where he could meet neighbors, learn more about the community and volunteer his time to better his new long term home. 

After an extensive search, he realized that no such group existed but he had continued to hear from his neighbors that the neighborhood struggled from a lack of vision and identity. After being inspired by the new leaders cropping out of the 2014-15 municipal election, Colin decided that he could help his community by bringing together neighbors to form the group they were seeking.

Colin graduated from the University of Illinois at Champaign Urbana with a degree in Sociology and Pre-Law. Since graduation, Colin has worked in the automotive industry as a journalist and, more recently, an analyst. Colin also created his own automotive website and oversaw a staff of nine freelancers, helping to oversee the editorial budget, style, production and editing and hosting of the site and podcast.

Colin has combined his expertise of journalism—distilling important facts and presenting them—with his expertise of task-oriented, workflow, management and business planning to help develop a long-term sustainable strategy for HNA. This includes the development of a community center to help ground the community with a sense of identity and with resources, such as social services, so that Hermosa can stand up on its own as its own distinct neighborhood.

As HNA President, Colin has been responsible for the strategic vision and is primarily responsible for the success or failure of the organization. If re-elected Colin will oversee the business strategy, marketing and outreach, as well as be involved in the human resource needs, hiring and firing, and compliance with safety and other legal regulations of the HNA as it evolves into a service oriented organization.

Colin will also primarily be leading the outlining of the budget and with supporting the 2017-2018 operation plans, including funding the initiatives through grant writing and networking. Colin is also responsible for forming partnerships with other nonprofits, politicians, and City-, County-, and State- departments and agencies.